Sunday, 17 November 2013

Just a few Flight Shots

Love to get some of these flight shots but they never seem the same as seeing them for real. Flocks circling in their thousands fantastic but in a picture very lacking. Such a shame

Icelandic Gull

 From right out of the blue as we are walking up to the hide a call goes out saying Iceland Gull flying towards Humber  from hide.  Looking to our left we see a gull being harassed by another one.
 Unfortunately by this time it was quite a way off.
 Not to worry at least we saw it and got a record shot


Just a few other birds around at the momentStonechat


 Mute Swan

Barred Warbler

After being around for quite a while , until its tail feathers had re-grown ,the Barresd Warbler made an appearance whilst filling its belly with berries.


Certainly worth the wait I think.


Cool and windy day but very inquisitive pair of Stonechats up at the Wetlands kept us entertained for quite a while .