Saturday, 26 March 2011

Just a Few Various

Just a few various photogenics from the week including the Barn Owl silhouette heading over the Humber 

Friday, 25 March 2011


Not the rarest bird of the week but nice to be able to get a nice close up . This is the one that spooked the Red Crested Pochard .Slight consolation

Red Crested Pochard

Thanks to Andy and Barry we were put onto this cracker down at the Canal Hide which was a first ever for us. Once again it was quite a highlight as it was the first for the recording area since the late sixties. It seemed to be with a pair of Mallard and disappeared with them after being spooked by a Curlew. It didnt return while we were there so we presume that it left the area.

Egyptian Goose

This was by sheer luck as the weather was terrible with thick fog and very dismal.I had to lighten the photo in Adobe to even recognise what the bird was , to the amusement of quite a few "expert birders"


One of the best surprises of the week was the arrival of this Bluethroat (WhiteSpot) .The last time one was seen just outside the recording area was  1966

It remained in the base of a ditch for over 2 days breaking the surface only occassionaly to tease us.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tree Creeper

Spotted this Treecreeper down on the canal this afternoon. Just shows what great camoflage their colours have against the bark of the tree