Tuesday, 19 June 2012


A cracking Juvenile on the fence post up Big Hedge. I know its only a humble Starling but its a nice little Starling

Oh Dear

This is what happens if you dont pay your £3 Entrance Fee


Great Bird at Aldbrough about 10 mile North of Withensea. Just arrived and then the farmer decided to spray the land and it flew about 400 yards further north, and then it started to rain. Shouldnt complain , as we did at least see it.

Mixed Lot

Blackcap singing

Blue Tit Looking for food

Cuckoo Lookingfor nest

GrassHopper Warbler up Beacon Lane trying to disguise as a Blckcap

Kestrel by feeding Station

Little Egret on Canal Scrape

Meadow Pipit with large insect

Cygnet out for a sail

Female Reed Bunting also on the Scrape


Just a few other "Wildlife" items from the area including Common Lizard Fox Hare and what appears to be a very unusual breed of sheep whichI have not been able to i.d as yet.