Monday, 17 June 2013

Thrush Nightingale

Patiently waiting for ThrushNightingale being
caught and ringed etc

Showing the tail detail

Getting a little eager to go


Looks like they are back again this year nesting inside
the hide as they did last year.

Spotted Flycatcher

One of the first I have managed to get a decent picture of so far.


Singing nearly all day long superb little bird.
Been a good year for them and the Common Whitethroat as far as numbers go

Reed Warbler


Mute Swan

A nice piece of synchronized flying  here as they come in to land on the Canal Scrape

Meadow Pipit

Been quite a few around this year .They don't mind posing either.

Marsh Warbler

Nice to see in the hand .But there again, they all are.


Noisy interruption to an otherwise quiet afternoon . Havent seen any young on the canal yet

Little Egret

One time rare but now a common visitor
the Little Egret always looks good

Contrasts well with the water

Possibly my favourite shot of the day.



Not very often we get the Grey  Heron on the Scrape
but this one was quite obliging

Grey Heron

Just a few flight pictures of the Grey Heron


Male cuckoo at the top end of Beacon Lane feeding on the caterpillars of the Drinker Moth.


 Flight shot with good light showing feathers

Newly laid egg being sat on possibly a second brood

Once again very intolerant with other
birds around , getting ready to have a go at the shelduck