Tuesday, 11 September 2012


One of the nicest  Butterflies is the Wall which is the top one and you cant dismiss the Common Blue.


One of the occassional birds to drop in is the Shoveller


One of my favourite birds the Wheatear never disappoints. This was one of the first times ive had one at the top of a bush. It really looked out of place .


Pied Wagtails feeding on the pond edge with up to 9 at a time mostly Juvs

Yellow Wagtails being a mixture of Juvs and Adults totals up to about 20 at a time up on the new Kilnsea Wetlands


We had quite a few Yellow Wagtails and Juv Pied Wagtails on the water and reed edge
feeding and within seconds of them arriving this curious Sedge Warbler was popping out to see what was going on


Taken a little aback when we saw these Turnstone on the Humber. There was about 30
of them , all with their heads buried in the sand.None looking under or turning over any stones, just their heads buried deep in the sand.They looked quite comical .There must have been something appetizing down there.

Reed Bunting

Never seem to fail to get decent pictures of the Reed Bunting but it makes a change for it to be the female one . Males always seem to be ready for their portraits  taking , especially when they are trying to attract the opposite sex

Reed Warbler

Usually very elusive as far as getting a picture I was happy to get these two pictures before it was back again hiding  in the reeds.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Med Gull

A week with plenty of Med Gulls  mixed in with all the Blackheadeds feeding where the farmers were harvesting crops or just turning the soil.

Goldfinch aplenty this week with flocks of up to 25 interspaced with linnet and Yellow Wagtails. At one point there were about 18 Juvs and 6 adults all in front of the new Kinsea Hide

Juvenile Gannet

Beautiful Juvenile Gannet down on the beach at the top of  Sandy Beaches . Injured or just resting I have no idea ,but I walked all the way round just to get a bit closer and some cracking close ups. It went back down to the waters edge as the tide was coming in so I just wished it luck.


Couldn't resist these pictures as it was so obliging . One day facing left the next day facing right . what more can you ask for ?

Common Darter

Just a couple of pictures of the Common Darter which has been very common these past few weeks . There has also been a Red Veined Darter  and some Migrant Hawkers as well.