Thursday, 27 October 2011

Just a few more from last week

Reed Bunting

Ring Ouzel



Tree Sparrow


Various Birds from During the Week

Cormorant landing

Corn Bunting at " Garrys"

Curlew and Bartailed Godwit

Jack Snipe

Little Egret

Pinkfooted Geese on the move

Purple Sandpiper

RedBacked Shrike

Superb little bird stayed around for a couple of days


Kestrel on New Rocks

Little Owl outside Sandy Beaches

Merlin along Big Hedge

Heligoland Trap

This shows the basic configuration of the trap , the birds entering under their own volition and they procede down from the large open end to the narrow section and then into a catching box.

Here at the catching box they are taken out recorded occassionaly shown in the hand and then released unhurt by the experience. Here Tree Sparrow were being extracted by Barry .

Grey Seal

Slight diversion from birds as this fellow popped in to see what the human race was up to. And very welcome it was.

Not very confiding hence the distance it kept us , but Great Grey Shrike are good at any distance

Tiny little Goldcrest


Beautiful Kestrel

Very sedate Merlin

Ring Ouzel
Just a few of the birds ringed over the past week. The total number was well into the 100,s

Brent Geese

A couple of pictures of Brent Geese . They were gathering in quite good numbers at Beacon Ponds and down on the Humber

Autumn Watch at Spurn Point

These are a few of the pictures taken in the car park with a Hawfinch being the centre of attraction . The crew were around most of the week ,  unfortunately the birds werent

Corn Bunting


Monday, 3 October 2011


Just sat there , totally alone. A bit like me that day.


Probably one of my all time favourite birds the Wheatear .Always stands proud and looks you straight in the eye . A little cracker

Mute Swan

Flying around all week was this bent necked swan. Anyone any ideas ?


This one nearly left it too late for a second brood but they were away last week.


Nearly missed this one as he came out of absolutely nowhere