Saturday, 27 October 2012


Without doubt one of my favourites
They never disappoint letting you get close to them without too much problem . They are little smashers


We have never seen numbers of thrushes like we have the past few days. Thousands and thousands. Amazing. Fieldfare and Redwings aplenty


 Close up to show the danger area
 Back view to show the symmetry

Side view to show the beauty
Another side view to show where not to put the fingers

Bearded Tit

 For the first time ever for us we had a Bearded Tit. Not just one but both male and female . First we had them as they came in down on the Canal and later lucky to get the male in hand after being rung.The weatherwas abysmal with thick fog ,but someone was on ourside and the clouds broke for a brief moment and hence the result

Posed quite well so very good views in the hand