Sunday, 28 July 2013

Various pics from during week

 Teal flying across the Wetlands
 Single Widgeon
 Yellow Hammer  singing at Sammies
 Juv Yellow Wagtail
 Barredstraw Moth

 Fox being watched by Avocet
 Green Veined Butterfly
 Large Skipper
 Pyramidial Orchid
 Redshank crossing Wetlands
 Ringed Plover
Mallard Chicks
 Mallard and Chicks
 Juv Yellow Wagtails
Emerald Dragonfly

Sandwich Tern

Not seen too many of these so far this year. Their numbers will hopefully increase in the next few weeks


 A very nice bird to see at Wetlands is the Red breasted Merganser
Unfortunately it kept its distance but still nice to see

Little Tern

 One of the most watched of the breeding birds at Spurn are the Little Tern .The wardens have done an excellent job so far this year with over 30 fledged and taken to the air already.Although it wasnt good to start with as the fox did its usual damage but all's  well that ends well
 Congratulations to the whole team .

Little Egret

 Flying around the lagoons occassionaly being persued by  the Avocet
 This week saw the largest numbers which i believe reached 32.A  record for Spurn


Quite plentiful this year and usually very tollerant  to the camera.


Just a few snaps of the Peewit that had been around for about three days on the Canal and on the Wetlands being dive-bombed by the Avocet .

Friday, 26 July 2013

Reed Warbler

Just a couple of the Reed Warbler. You can listen for ages before you get a chance of a picture.

The new Avocet for next Year

Cracking little things .They are virtually self sufficient within days

Avocet defending the young.

 Here we have the start of the aggression from the Avocet.
 Persisting with the attack
 Until the Mallard decides its best to get out of the way
Job accomplished . Whos next?