Friday, 24 August 2012

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


The Avocet still have three young and the parents are still as protective as ever.

Kilnsea wetlands under their guard
but they tend to keep everything else away


Been a good couple of weeks for the Cuckoo for us . There has been up to three at a time , but most of our good views have been of juveniles

Kilnsea Wetlands

Canal Scrape

Cliff Farm

Out on the Humber

Yellow Bunting

We havent seen as many of these as we usually do
But got this one on Peter Lane

Damn Buses

Ive been waiting here for two and a half hours and still one hasnt turned up . Youll see , there will be three together when they  do arrive !!!


Partial leucistic Swallow at a great distance Looked quite unusual. It also only had one
streamer , whether it had been born that way or lost it on its travels I dont know

Willow Warbler

One of the latest visitors

Leucistic Sand Martin

Very nearly missed this one. We had been shopping and not heard about this
leusistic Sand Martin . When we went down ,  managed to take three shots . It took off and we did not see it again although we hung around for about half an hour.It would have been a shame to miss it.

Sedge Warbler

One of the only birds that was keen to have its picture taken were the Sedge Warblers. They posed great for us.

Icterine Warbler

After quite a few quiet weeks with very little to be seen in the hand Paul put out that this Icterine had been caught in the trap and was to be released .  Good bird for the day

Green Sandpiper

This past week there have been quite a few Green Sandpipers around ranging from Borrow Pits to the Point . Most of the time they have been at quite a distance then occassionaly just where you wanted them  In photo range.

Common Buzzard

Just having left the New Hide we saw this Buzzard being harrassed by a couple of Crows . Luckily they headed our way and hence some decent pics.