Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Willow Warbler

The earliest arrivals for us . Chiff chaff next


Been in short order so far for us this year. Plenty of time left

Ring Ousel

A bit of a scruffy character at the top of the Caravan Park. Stayed around for about 4 days.


A long way off at the other end of Beacon Ponds a lone Merganser  . A new one for the year


Here we have a female looking for a male.

Reed Bunting

Nice posing shot. They are usually an obliging bird for a photo

Marsh Harrier

Quite a few flyovers this week. Unfortunately missed the early birds.


Distance shot . Wasnt very  photographically inclined. Never mind theres always next time


Flying across the Beacon Ponds


Fantastic tiny bird. One seen here in the hand and
another one flitting around in the hedgerow


One on its own.Last time we had them there were nearer 1000

Common Sandpiper


I know . As  common as muck , but couldnt resist it. Its a cracker . Just look at the colours

Brent Geese

In very large numbers at the moment ( should be on their way before so long)  filling the fields and causing a few problems with the farmers . Nice to see flying around in formation .

Blue Headed Wagtail

Gorgeous looking bird. Came in and out with up to 16 Yellow Wagtail

BlackTailed Godwit

Lovely wader .Breeding plumage  starting to show


Nice little bird and quite accomodating .Well worth a second look at.Normally likes ruins and
dilapidated sites


One of the lovely song birds the Blackcap normally keeping out of reach showing it more friendly side and posing for a couple of pics

Black Brant

Quite nice views of the Black Brant from on Kilnsea Wetlands. Very distinctive when compared to the ordinary Brent Goose(top photo)

Avocets on The Kilnsea Wetlandss

After last years first breeding of the Avocet we now have eight birds there with at least two pairs on eggs.Good news in one way but they will certainly keep a lot of waders and other birds away