Saturday, 26 May 2012


Thought i would have an hour in the garden and these little fellows turned up.Didnt get much done in the garden. Never mind there is always another day.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Blue Tit

Just ringed and ready for the cruel world. He looks happy
enough to me especially with that lot in his mouth .


Broadbodied Chaser seen on the rushes .The details on them are so intricate and the wings so fine. Amazing thing

Friday, 18 May 2012


Could not make up its mind whether to sing or build a nest. He was carrying moss from the trunks of fallen trees and then perching and singing. Busy litter beggar

Tree Creeper


Never a disappointment.

Marsh Tit

One of the least common of the Tits for us and posed superbly for us

Marsh Harrier

Poetic license to look like a watercolour.

Male and Female in turns taking to the air. Apparantly there are four females and two males one of which was a young one trying to prove he was up to the job by "sharing" the spoils


Whether on the ground or in the air a brilliant bird to look at

Great Crested Grebe

Never get tired of seeing Grebes


 Went looking for Marsh Harrier and got sidetracked with this Buzzard.Not complaining though


Male Blackcap singing for mate . Great song


Gloomy day but had to see the Avocets. They have at present 4 young with more to come

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Just started setting up a nest at the side of the
Camp site.Super little bird.


Caught feeding on the Alder cones in the Crown car park

Ring Ouzel

 A bird that you dont normally get too close to is the Ring Ouzel
 But we were spoilt by this one who made a second appearance
outside the seawatching hide.

Pied Flycatcher

 The first of the year for us .Thankfully wont be the last.
 We hoped it would hang around but it was soon off again

Grasshopper Warbler

One bird that us "older people " dont always hear because of their unusual call
but great to see when lucky enough to do so


This is one of the birds I seem to have problems getting close to for a picture. This one must have felt sorry for me