Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Whinchat in the hand

Gorgeous bird. You normally cant get too close to these so very nice to have it in the hand



Looks like the swallow may be nesting again in the Canal hide . These have been in and out over the past week

Sedge Warbler

Plenty of these singing along the canal.

Long Eared owl

Hiding away in one of the canal bushes. Well spotted Ian

Little Tern

House Martin

Little beggers to get a decent picture of. Hopefully they will breed again up on the campsite again this year

Common Whitethroat

Common sandpiper

Never tire of seeing these

Avocet protecting young

 This was great to watch. The deer came down onto the Wetlands only to be spotted straight away by the Avocets.Within a split second it was on the run.They chased him down to the waters edge and then into the water. After swimming all the way across he came onto land still being harrassed by the birds . Talk about dedication

Avocet protecting area

Just an example of the determination of the Avocet adults driving off a flock of Brent Geese . Very
gutsy birds.


Superb bird showing very well  close to Numpties Castle. Bad light in morning slightly better in the evening. 

Avocet Breeding At Kilnsea Wetland

Here at last we have the first  young  Avocet of the year. With up to 4 pairs breeding there could be fun and games at the Wetlands

Pictures We Managed to get and One that Got away at Jack Ashton-Booth's Gallery

Visit to the Lighthouse Tower

At the weekend there was an open lighthouse for the showing of the art of Jack Ashton-Booth who is a local birder and excellent artist. I enclose some photographs  of his work that were displayed but apologize for the quality of them due to rather bad light inside the lighthouse . It was a great pleasure to see his work and we managed to get a couple   for ourselves. Great display Jack and well worth fighting the 60 mile an hour gales to get down and see them . Cheers