Saturday, 26 October 2013


 Around for a few days but very dull conditions for taking any pictures. Male and female here together
 This one looks a bit mottled. Juv or just wet I dont know .

Here on their favorite Alder trees in the Crown Car Park


Hanging around Cliff Farm
and being very photogenic  a nifty little bird


Great numbers have been coming in recent and nice to see again


 Small group of 4 at the North end of Beacon Lane. Quite flighty at times
 but just stood for a while and they put in a nice appearance for us.

Jack Snipe

Common and Jack Snipe together

Amazing how small they look in the hand


One of my all time favourites.  Never disappoint

Dusky Warbler

A first for us was this Dusky Warbler.


Haunting call and then they appeared.
One came a little later and I managed to get a piccy.


 This bird has stayed around for quite a while now down by the Warren. Certainly liked the berry bush

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Coming back from Sammies Point ,  Kath spotted this Pheasant and got a cracking shot of it
before it jumped off and scurried away. Nicely done.


Small influx of Chiffchaff this week. Well worth the slow methodic method for a photo.Going looking for the Dusky at the Dell

Blackcap in the Crown Car park

 One day we had quite a few Blackcap that were quite tolerant and gave us some superb views.A mixture of male and female it was quite a treat.

Water Rail

This was quite comical . Whilst watching the Jack Snipe a Water Rail came from behind and nearly gave the Snipe a heart attack.If anyone ever asks , a Jack Snipe can jump about six foot in the air.