Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Coal Tit

Heres a Coal Tit for Paul showing the white nape. Theres no black line down the chest either as there is with the Great Tit

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Skylark Announcing Itself to the World

This is a cropped -down version of an earlier picture I put on . Just a cracking bird with a great song

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

This just shows the tail markings which are quite hard to spot in flight
Skylark over the Fields , brightens the day with their song. At this time not much time for singing though as they are busy feeding

Sandwich Tern over Sandy Beaches

Juvenile Pied Wagtails on the look out for some food . At one time there were four of them

Meadow Pipits on Borrow Pits and Ponds. This is one "DragonFly" that didn't getaway.

Lesser Whitethroat that Bred this year up Beacon Lane

Lapwing at Rest
One of eleven Lapwing Crossing Triangle

Curlew on Island with Lapwing

Two Blackbirds with a Dispute over whos cooking tea

Monday, 6 July 2009

Common Gull

Juvenile common gull showing wing markings

Hobby Hunting

When I first saw the picture thought what a shame . Too dark. Was about to delete when I noticed just to the left of the talons the dragon fly .Changed my mind and decided that it was worth keeping .

The Highlight of The Last Week

This Hobby had been seen hawking around the triangle for about two days and we had had fleeting glimpses of it . Then to our delight it settled on one of the posts close to where we were.The rest is history .

We had been watching at a fair distance for about two days as this bird returned regularly to the same patch of vegetation and then we arrived in the afternoon to find it had come close to the hide .No time was wasted .