Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Just arrived with thousands of his mates and similar numbers of Fieldfare this one was feeding on berries up Beacon Lane

Red Rumped Swallow

Just as night was closing in just managed to get this "picture" of a Red Rumped Swallow heading off towards Church Field . It was originally spotted from the Canal Hide

Little Bunting

Horrendous winds and rain didnt stop this little fellow from dropping in.Another lifer for us . Hoped it would be around the following day for the chance of a better picture but no luck , it was gone

RedFlanked Bluetail

A new Lifer for us with this Redflanked Bluetail.Originally we saw it flying around the Trap at the Point

SparrowHawk Heading Over The Triangle

Dutch Ringed Mealy Redpoll

This bird was shown in the hand from Kew , but had previously been ringed in Holland .