Friday, 25 November 2011

The first of the year

A bird we always love to see is the Waxwing. This one was at the back of Kew but disappeared after about 5 minutes. That was all we needed

Snow Bunting

They had been flying overhead for a few days and then we spotted some on the New Rocks down on the Humber.Two days later a flock of about 25  flew south


Yes I know , there are millions of them. I just  couldnt leave them out. New colours and cockey as hell , just had to put them on

Pied Wheatear

Another lifer for us was this Pied Wheatear which favoured the beach area but landed on the Lifeboat rooftop for us to get a quick picture  before it returned to its prefered area

Pied Flycatcher

Very accomodating and very tolerent to our presence we spent about 15 minutes watching this Flycatcher around the Church . A cracker

Little Egret

Just alittle bit of poetic licence .I darkened the picture and just highlighted the wing edges to give a different look , a bit more artistic.The original one was taken flying down the Humber

Isabelline Wheatear

A lifer for us was this Isabelline Wheatear down the Peninsular. It hung around for quite a while but kept its distance from us .


There had been a few Brambling flying through but not many on the ground.We found this one down at the point.

Birds Ringed Recently

Brambling Richards Pipit Woodlark and YellowHammer are a few of the different birds ringed recently. Just look at the markings on the back of the Richards Pipit. Amazing when you can see them close up.

Incoming Geese

There has been quite an influx of Geese the past  couple of weeks including Bean Geese , Whitefronted, Barnacle ,  Brent , Pink Feet and the odd Grelag. A fair number have been in the fields on Long Bank Marshes and down on the Humber

Arctic Redpol

Just as it was about to become dark this little fellow made an appearance.It was  so dark this is the only picture i could get .Iso 1200 at a 15th of a second.At least I got one


One of the regular species that finds its way onto the cliff top at the northern end of the camp site is the Black Redstart.This one had apparantly just been either caught in a shower or had just been bathing. Either way it tolerated me for a while to get a few pictures of it.